Birth of a new agreement between PANAMAC and IOCCO per offrire al mercato LINEE di produzioni MODULARI E ALTAMENTE AUTOMATIZZATE.

From skills IOCCO and PANAMAC a highly flexible product is created so far not present on the market.
Since the PV module market is constantly in growth, the engineering staffs of IOCCO and PANAMAC have developed three scalable layout solutions. These solutions allow minimising the investment in the upgrade phase and complying immediately with the new market requirements, without upsetting layout and with negligible production stops.
Moreover, for all the three solutions, a series of options are envisaged that maximise the product qualitative standard, reduce still further the production costs and minimise furthermore the costs resulting from production stops by raising the percentages of competitiveness, quality and performance.

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Linee complete automatiche e modulari per la produzione di moduli fotovoltaici.

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