Panamac is always dedicated to the production of machinery and complete lines for realization of photovoltaic modules:

laminators, stringers, frame assembles, automated systems for handing modules, trimmers and equipment for the photovoltaic.

Founded by experts who respond to production issues with a prompt and competent service as a guarantee for the products, for more than three years PANAMAC has been working on the “modular line” project, the newest creation that will revolutionise the machine market and photovoltaic lines, giving to module manufacturers a new vision of the investment but above all a guarantee on productivity of the line and its complete possibility to upgrade toward a double or even triple production grade.

The real energy is the power of innovation


By PANAMAC modular solution with high productivity and limited investments for powerful and efficient systems so easy and immediate.

With PANAMAC the Photovoltaic client can request everything necessary for highly productive and optimised systems, from individual stand-alone machines to manual, semiautomatic, and totally automatic systems, as well as the automation of existing plants, finding ready solutions that are especially suited to meet each specific need.

Panamac offer a vast range of machinery and lines for the production of photovoltaic panels, guaranteeing high quality standards on finished products.


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