Manual or automatic machines constructed on the base of highly reliable concepts and performance even for three shift production lines.

  • MANUAL stringers


This equipment is very useful to manually produce a photovoltaic panel. It is composed of two places for the welding of strings, sloping of 30° (in order to make the labour easier and faster), a mobile carrier to move the array cells and a discharge area with illuminated plane for testing welding and breakages. It is ideal as pilot line and then pass to a S/Automatic or Automatic line and train the staff.


Power 320V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Pneumatic feed 6-7 bar
Cell thickness From 160 micron to up
Dimension cells 100×100
200×200 optional
Cell size Square, pseudo square


  • AUTOMATIC stringers

SL-SAC450 - SL-SAC600


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