All PANAMAC cutting lines are equipped with a TOUCH-SCREEN, HMI terminal with function keys and a large display for excellent visibility, plus the wide viewing angle to read the displayed pages in side-display.

This tool enables the operator to view real-time diagnostic messages, alarms or operator instructions and to modify the operating parameters easily and directly.

The front panel is water-resistant with a degree of protection in accordance with IP65F standards, which means that the terminal can be used in environments exposed to water and oil spurts.

From the main menu of the TOUCH-SCREEN you can access all the functions of the machine, including:

  •  language selection
  • entry of pipe cutting dimensions and speed
  • setting the rotation speed of the head
  • entry of pipe squaring parameters
  • selection of operations to be performed (i.e. cutting and/or beveling)
  • manual control of the movements of the loader, unloader and head
  • automatic and semi-automatic cycle management
  • setting of the piece counter
  • setting of machine cycle times




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